Land of the Fathers 2023



Mar 28, 2022 5:14 PM



"It is an identity project, which best recovers our traditions. We had thought of it together with President Santelli and developed it with a resolution of August 2020. When Jole read the provision, she did not hold back her enthusiasm because in 'Terra dei Padri' there is our soul".

This is what was stated by the Regional Councilor for Tourism, Fausto Orsomarso, during the presentation of the "Calabria Land of the Fathers 2023" Project, in collaboration with Lucio Presta, Project Manager Calabria Land of the Fathers 2023.

"Land of the Fathers" was born from the analysis of the phenomenon of emigration tourism, which is showing signs of rapid expansion in recent years. The project aims to dedicate an entire calendar year (January-December) to the theme of the physical return of Calabrians around the world, relying on the sense of pride and the desire to know their deepest, family and cultural roots.

The plan provides for public actions to support internationalization, through which to build a homogeneous communication to enhance the image of Calabria abroad; direct actions to companies for the international promotion of their products and services, through the creation of a dedicated portal, in which all the subjects participating in the project can be represented and promoted following the scouting carried out.

"This Calabria, where five languages ​​are still spoken - added Orsomarso - is very rich in traditions and we are ready to present its uniqueness and its depth all over the world. We are projecting 'Land of the Fathers' until 2023, when there will be the Jubilee of the Calabrians, a people project with which we want to reach the Calabrians, wherever they are".

One of the main goal of the project is to reconstruct and share, at all levels and across the board, a new, experimental and replicable model of analysis, aimed at narrating, enhancing and investing in tourism on the material and intangible heritage of the Calabrian territories that it has no competitor on a global scale.