BIT Milan 2022: "Calabria Straordinaria" inaugurated



Apr 10, 2022 3:37 PM

Elisabetta Gregoraci - international influencer and TV presenter - the President of the Regional Council, Roberto Occhiuto and the Councillor for Tourism and Marketing of the Calabria Region, Fausto Orsomarso inaugurated today at the BIT in Milan 2022 "Calabria Straordinaria", a new narrative of the Region that brings with it vocations and identity traits of an ancient land, stubbornly projected into the future, strong in its solid roots. The aim of the Regional Administration, also in the tourism sector, is to build a modern Calabria that you don't expect. «Once in a while – said the President of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto – Calabria has one of the most beautiful stands at the Bit in Milan, which is the most important event for promoting tourism in the Region». «Calabria must tell its story for what it is – Occhiuto concluded. It is often perceived as a region with a thousand problems, but it is also and above all a region with a thousand opportunities. We are committed to making these opportunities a reason for tourism development».

"Calabria Straordinaria" was presented at the BIT in Milan with no less than 50 tour operators (tour operators, tourist consortia and accommodation facilities), with a transversal and enveloping narrative formula, to tell and convey a modern, unprecedented, competitive, unique and extraordinary Calabria. An unexpected Calabria! A story about history, places, modernity, events, languages, trends, a grand tour, to look and make people look at Calabria with different eyes. Calabria offers an all-round tourism offer, 12 months out of 12, through food and wine, walking routes, cycle paths, the sea and mountains, but also the hinterland, culture, villages, archaeology and slow tourism experiences.

«Calabria straordinaria – Fausto Orsomarso underlined – is the new story of an unprecedented and unexpected Calabria. Not just glossy images to showcase at world expos, but a real programme in which tourist hospitality rhymes with marketing, mobility, communication, modern and functional accommodation facilities and qualified operators».

«Today – added the Councillor for Tourism and Marketing of the Calabria Region – we must and can start again with a long race towards this extraordinary Calabria, which must first of all reorganise itself and which can no longer afford superficiality and approximation. We must stop being the region that always has "buts" and "buts" as a response to every proposal and every positive thing. Our first challenge is to overcome self-defeat with optimism, a smile and enthusiasm. And our presence at the BIT in Milan is also one of the key stages in presenting the new narrative of our tourism offer».

Elisabetta Gregoraci will be the world ambassador of "Calabria Straordinaria". Today, for the inauguration of the event at Bit, given her international fame as an influencer, she created and illustrated live a "post" that illuminated the Region's new narrative.

«Calabria is the region I love, where I was born and which represents me – said Elisabetta Gregoraci – and by doing this job in the world, I have also struggled a lot to make my land and my origins known. Today, however, is a day of rebirth, thanks to the work that President Occhiuto and Councillor Orsomarso are doing. A job that Calabria needed». «I carry the name of Calabria around the world – added the influencer and television presenter – with my way of communicating, and I am delighted that for the first time I can share ideas to help these projects come to fruition».